daniel ryder (redelvis) wrote in we_luv_ranch,
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all chips fit with ranch the dip.

today i saw a dip jar of ranch and i said to myself "mmmmmmm ranch" so i continued to dip five different types of chips into the dip jar of ranch without thinking about it much. bbq lays. regular lays. vinegar lays. tortilla chips. doritos. all i have to say is that i won very badly because how yummy is that ranch with almost any kind of chip. also discovered that ranch works well cold or warm since it started cold at the beginning of my dipping and gradually got warm in the hot sun. oh damn, has anyone ever dipped a burger into ranch?

(i was at a pool birthday party in case you wondered why i would just randomly have all kinds of weird chips.)
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ranch goes with everything, at every temperature. i think that is the true beauty of ranch.
i think that ranch really is a near perfect food. i mean look at the label some time. it has so many good things in it! even vegetables!!!